This evening is late as I write this. 

It has been another of my days that reflects my old, nagging pattern, thinking that I did not get it all done. I often create such a daily to-do list that probably could not be accomplished by Wonder Woman, never mind me. Not all that long ago, I would add to my list, for a bit of self-flagellation: ( Why not get out the whip?)

So often, when we experience this, we are afraid, or we are running from something that we can’t quite identify. As a care partner, you too probably take it out on yourself first. You feel “less than,” not good enough, or whatever else fits the bill for the day.

It has taken a real effort for me to continue circling back to who I am. I am not Wonder Woman. My name is Cheryl, just another person with a big list that never gets done. Like you, I am a human trying to grasp what is happening in our world right now.

When I fall into my old pattern, I try to find a way to remind myself of all that I am. That I am enough; that all is well no matter what is going on.

The photo here is one I took a few minutes ago. It is not extraordinary, but it felt that way to me as I looked at the sky with the moon just beginning to peek through the trees. Sending my concerns and prayers into the night sky fills me up. The heavens have reminded me that I am enough. 

Once again, I feel encouraged to call out my gratitude and joy for being here. And to watch my step in the dark for those quiet toads. They never call out anything!

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