Tonight I wept. I wept for so many things.

The reason doesn’t matter. I thought to myself -science says crying is good for us. It releases stress hormones from the body.

I didn’t give a shit about that.

Then I made myself go outside for (probably) my last swim of the season. It is forty degrees outside tonight, so I sat at the pool’s edge as usual,  but I had to wrap into two big towels plus my swim robe to talk aloud to the night sky.

My habit is to sit there for a long time with my feet in the water, saying prayers aloud until my voice trails off as I get lost in thought. Finally, I catch myself, make apologies, say thank you, amen, and take the plunge.

Tonight I began to swim, splash, dance, and yell out loud at a passing plane overhead.

When I got out of the water, I was freezing, but I was not weeping. I let out a little bark at the sky, and then louder! I was delighted that I could bark at the night sky with no one to hear me.

Who knows how I will feel tomorrow, but I had come full circle just at this moment. I had cried, but I moved. My body came alive, and then I tested my voice. It felt good, really good.

I am telling this to remind you (and me) that this feeling of empowerment is available to you, too. Anytime and all the time. Science backs all of this up, but never mind that.

When you feel powerless or overwhelmed, try moving your body, dancing on this earth, knowing that you have a right to be here.


And remember to bark at the sky!😊



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