What I Do

I help care partners who struggle with uncertainty and exhaustion

to regain the peace and joy that is rightfully theirs. 

My Philosophy


I believe we all have the ability to experience peace and joy in our lives; even during the rigors of caregiving. Freedom in the mind, body, and spirit is available to every care partner.

When we have attained this, we are able to pass it on as a gift to those we care for.

My Methods

My programs are available as six, twelve, or eighteen weeks. They are tailored to fit your budget and your needs.

You will recieve a weekly phone or video call with unlimited email support including follow up notes and action steps to use on a daily basis.

Together, we find the solutions you need for your own well being and those you care for.
It all begins with a free coaching session to see what is right for you.

My Goals

Being a care partner can feel like a disaster that we never imagined for ourselves.

This chapter of your life may present the biggest opportunity for healing and discovering your true authentic self.

Can you walk this path with grace? I believe we all can.  My goal is to help you find the peace and strength you never knew you had.

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