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Hello! I am Cheryl Hutto, a care partner for my wife, Belle. Twelve years ago, I remember visiting the memory clinic with Belle to get the results of her memory test. When the clinic director began to cry, I knew that our lives had changed forever.

For months I couldn’t find meaning in anything. I spent countless hours scouring the internet for help or a cure for her dementia. There was no help. My diet was a wreck. I could barely breathe. Work became a distant memory. The fear of losing my wife was all-consuming. But in fact, I was losing myself.


 Finally, the fog cleared. I had a body, mind, and spirit that needed my attention. I began       surrounding myself with professionals who helped me understand how to walk back into a world of   self-care. I finally understood that if I couldn’t care for myself how could I possibly care for Belle.

Today, in addition to caring for Belle, I am a certified life and wellness coach, as well as a trained Alzheimer’s support group facilitator. I became a certified yoga instructor and an educator about the benefits of CBD and Cannabis. The health and well-being of each of us is my focus. In addition to working personally with caregivers throughout the country via phone and Zoom, I facilitate several local wellness and support groups. 

I am passionate about sharing with other care partners what I have been able to do for myself!



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Cheryl Hutto

Address: P.O. Box 115
Glendale, Ma. 01229

Phone: 413.507.0297


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