I have spoken to several care partners recently who are nearing the end of the caring journey.

As their loved ones approach death, everything they thought they knew seems to fly out the window.

This may be you right now. Or perhaps you have been there. If not now, there is a good chance we will all face this scenario eventually.

The most essential thing we can do during heartwrenching times is to maintain awareness of our own bodies, minds, and hearts.

During the caring journey, we are lending a part of ourselves to those we care for. We do it every day, sometimes without much thought.

During the late stages of caring, we can still lend ourselves. We can lend our strength and calmness to the one we love. This can be the gift that they need. They will feel the nourishment of your groundedness.  You and all those around you will be nourished as well.

In this short video, I discuss the idea of arriving home. Coming home to ourselves with breath and gentle movement. Sharing this with the ones we love.

Even if this is not your story today, it is so important to start now. Let’s practice together. Let’s come home to ourselves over and over.

I wish you peace and ease on your journey,


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