An advocate can be invaluable when deciding the best medical choices for our loved ones.

Our current medical care system makes it nearly impossible to sort through the information or even understand what the doctor tells us. 

 Sally’s husband, Bob, suddenly found himself hospitalized. She was overwhelmed with fear for Bob’s recovery because she had no connection to Bob’s primary doctor during his stay. Sally found it nearly impossible to converse with the hospitalist; she could not even figure out who that doctor was since there seemed to be a new one almost daily. 

Stories of medical nightmares like this are all too familiar. Perhaps you have one of your own.

Help is available!

Dr Gerda Maissel is a medical advisor and patient advocate who can guide us in making the best choices for ourselves and our loved ones. She takes time to talk with her clients and their doctors. 

 Dr. Gerda explains medical options in a clear, calm voice, using language we understand.

I am delighted she talked with me about her work with clients and when it may be the right choice for you or your loved ones.

You will want to keep this important contact on hand, even if you don’t need it today. Dr. Maissel’s website is My MD

Enjoy this Interview with Dr. Gerda as she shares valuable tips!

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