One day recently, my Tai Chi teacher, Ruby Aver, spoke on the concept of “Being instead of Doing.”


Most of us have heard this phrase but do we take time to contemplate its meaning, or are we too busy “doing”?


Doing indicates taking some sort of action, often at our own expense. We are determined to keep busy, no matter what. When we are in the doing mode, the mind is in high gear, thinking about the past or the future.


On the other hand, “Being” is all about awareness of the present time. It has nothing to do with past or future worries. Experiencing being mode becomes possible when we make a direct connection to our bodies. When your body feels safe and calm, your mind instantly gets the message.


As a care partner, you probably argue that there is no choice but to keep “doing”!


What if we could be in a state of being while we move through the day?


Our human minds have the gift of using imagery. We can harness the power of imagination to come into our bodies…to relax into a state of being, even while we are busy managing our days.


See how my imagination took me home to my body,  the state of being that is so critical to overall wellness.

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