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Cheryl Hutto Coach

I am here to show you how to care for yourself while you care for your loved one.

Peace of mind is possible.

We know that we cannot care for another until we can care for ourselves.

But what does caring for ourselves truly mean? Yes, it means asking for help. Yes, it means drinking more water, eating well, and getting rest. You know this already.

When we do these things but still battle guilt, anxiety, fear, and frustration on our caring journey, what’s wrong? Why is caregiving so hard?

I am here to show you how to care for yourself while you care for your loved one.  Trust me to help you learn compassion for yourself.  Can you do that?



I’m Cheryl

I am a certified coach for care partners and an accredited grief specialist. My mission is to show you how to live with peace and joy while caring for the one you love. Yes, it is possible.

What I Do

Personal Coaching Sessions

My sessions are designed to reduce the overwhelm that inevitably creeps up during the endless daily requirements of caring for another. You will discover how to release feelings of resentment, isolation, and guilt. 

My programs are available for six, twelve, or eighteen weeks. They are tailored to fit your budget and your needs.

You will receive a weekly phone or video call with unlimited email support, including follow-up notes and action steps to use daily.

Together, we find the solutions you need for your own well-being and those you care for.  Believe in yourself again. 

It all begins with a free phone session to see what is right for you.

Caregiver  Support Groups

Being in a community is important! I offer a free private online Facebook group that is open to all caregivers. Click here to join “Confidence for Care Partners”.

I also facilitate virtual support groups, including a volunteer position as a facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association.

 Coaching for small groups is also available. Be sure to join my newsletter list for updates.

Grief Coaching and Groups

As a  certified grief coach, I am pleased to offer one-on-one support, as well as virtual grief support groups. Contact me for my group schedule.

Be sure to join my newsletter list for group updates.


“Cheryl helped me deep dive into my psyche and habits to uncover my root issues. I realized that my beliefs about myself were the things holding me back from healthy emotional choices.  I’m now better able to care for others; but more importantly, I take better care of myself. Thank you, Cheryl”


“Cheryl listened each week in a non-judgemental way to all of my concerns.  She gently encouraged me to care for myself. Cheryl helped pull me out of the shadows and up from the depths of anguish. For her help during this difficult time in my life, I am truly grateful.”


” In the past, I was stuck in my thoughts and felt like I was not moving forward. Since working with Cheryl I have discovered many things about myself and how to become alive again. I’m looking forward to continuing this relationship along with me unpacking my roadblocks in the future. Thank you, Cheryl.”




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